Here at The Centers for Specialized Dentistry, your safety is very important to us. We have always maintained infection control and sterilization protocols daily, but COVID-19 has only made us more diligent in our daily efforts.

Precautions for Visiting for Your Appointment

Curbside Check-In 

When you arrive to the offices, please use our curbside check-in. If your dental appointment is at our Easton office, please call 443.496.3175. If your dental appointment is at our Salisbury office, please call (443)-496-3176

As, a result, you will be able to minimize contact with others. You will be texted or emailed COVID-19 Screening Questions and any additional forms that are needed for your dental appointment.


Face masks are required to enter the building and during all non-dental procedure. If you do not have a face mask, one will be provided for you.

Hand Hygiene

One you have entered the building please stop and use our hand hygiene station. Instruction on proper hand hygiene is listed.

Hand Hygiene

A no-touch temperature check will be completed and recorded.

Procedure & Pre-Rinse

You will be taken to your operatory room and asked to use our pre-rinse solution for 30 seconds. After the pre-rinse Dr. Louis or your dental hygienist will complete your procedure.

Our pre-rinse solution helps prepare you the patient for your dental appointments. These rinses are proven to remove surface level bacteria and other buildup from teeth, which makes our job a little easier whether we’re offering treatments or performing checkups. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve incorporated a 1.5% hydrogen peroxide pre-rinse solution, which exceeds the ADA and CDC recommended minimum guidelines.

Air Filtration

Our air at CSD has never been cleaner. We have added EcoProbiotic Systems to our HVAC system along with stand-alone air cleaners in each operatory.

Check-Out & Schedule

Once your procedure has been completed you will return to the front desk area. You will check-out, schedule your next appointment and exit through the rear exit door.